Online Gambling in Uganda

Online Gambling in Uganda

Gambling online in Uganda isn't just legal but very fun.

The Casino Industry isn’t just legal in Uganda, it is also flourishing.

Uganda is a powerhouse in its region, both economically as well as in terms of growth, both in the continent of Africa and in the world. This makes interest for online casinos grow for the local market and for tourists or residents of other countries.


Uganda, a country also known as the “Pearl of Africa,” is one of Africa’s biggest online casino markets. The 2004 Casino and Gambling Bill made Uganda one of the more progressive African nations when it comes to gambling legislation. The vast majority of land-based casinos in Uganda are located in the city of Kampala. The largest land based casino is the Casino Simba, a whopping structure that occupies over 16,000 square feet and offers a huge number of table games.


While the market was fully capable of absorbing a rewarding industry like the online casino one for years, it was the Casino and Gambling Bill of 2004 that changed the legislation around, creating a well defined structure for the industry to work in. It resolved any question on the legality of casinos in Uganda while also addressing sporting bets and the national lottery. Like in most countries, in order to participate in any gambling activities, residents should have a minimum age of 18.


Online casinos in Uganda offer a balanced mix of games and similar betting options. One of the most popular betting options is sports betting which can be done via phone, SMS or internet as well as with the help of land based agencies. Slots, like just about any online casino in the world, are a big hit in the Ugandan market, being the most popular online game. Other popular games include casino classic such as poker, blackjack or roulette.


With the 2004 legislation well in place there is no place for the online casino market to go but up. As the economic prospects of the country grow, locals as well as foreign players will drive the industry up. Uganda can serve as a successful example for countries in the region which have yet to implement Gambling legislation.

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