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Welcome to OnlineCasinoReports Uganda, and this is your one-stop shop for information on the best online casinos, online gambling sites, and everything else related to online gambling activities. Here at OCR, we offer readers unbiased and comprehensive online casino reviews, gaming guides, and everything else they need to guide them on their upcoming iGaming journey.

The OCR website has been designed with all iGaming fans and enthusiasts in mind and everyone residing in Uganda. Here at OCR, you have everything you need to know about exciting online gambling opportunities presented by online casinos and other gambling sites. Here at OCR, you are also informed on all the latest iGaming news and we have different gaming guides on slots, table games, and more. Learn more about the team working behind the scene on this page.

What are Our Goals?

Here at OnlineCasinoReports, our main goal is to help you navigate the growing online casino industry like a pro. We also aim to present you with the best online casinos and online gambling sites based on your specific gaming needs and preferences. The team working behind the scene has been involved in the iGaming industry for over two decades at this point and we are familiar with all the hard work and research that goes into finding the best iGaming services and products when there are limitless iGaming opportunities.

We have a network of localized websites and each site is packed with important industry insights and in-depth online gaming guides on different casino games, bonuses, and more. Here at OCR, you are also kept up to date with the latest iGaming news and we have an amazing community you can join to discuss your iGaming experiences with other iGaming fans and enthusiasts.

We have created an exceptional toolbox that allows you to filter all the available iGaming options down to a granular level to help you locate the best casino for your specific needs and preferences. This function allows you to quickly filter through thousands of irrelevant deals and zero in on the best promotions for your bankroll and gaming preferences. This option also allows you to easily find the right online casino for you based on the games you are looking forward to playing.

We also have a selection of handy guides that will bring you through the learning process in an easy-to-follow, rich-media environment. With everything presented at OCR, you will be playing your favorite casino games and enjoying different online gambling opportunities like a true pro.

OCR Principles

Everything that we do here at OCR is driven by our goals and passion to help iGaming fans and enthusiasts find the best gambling opportunities are there. We have kept this perspective for the past two decades by adhering to a few simple but important rules and these are listed down below:

  • Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and we are always looking forward to learning about your iGaming experiences.
  • All of the content published on the site has been researched and written by industry experts who have been working on the scene for quite a while.
  • The website is 100% independently operated and owned.
  • All of the content published on the site is free to access to everybody no matter which browsing device they are using.
  • OCR is working with review boards and independent auditors to deliver better content.
  • OCR operates independently from all iGaming sites you find recommended on the site.
  • All casino reviews published on the site are unbiased and written by our expert content researchers.
  • All online casino sites you find here listed under the recommended tab have gone through our extensive twelve-point reviewing and rating process.

OCR’s Guarantee

You can rest assured that we only have your best interests in mind. You can be confident that every touchpoint is free of bias, 100% transparent, and supported by independent research done by our expert team working behind the scene.

Here at OCR, we also guarantee that each news piece, gambling site review, game release, and guide was created in-house by our experts with the use of the most up-to-date data and industry resources.

Meet Our Team

With our main goals in mind, there was one area in which we were committed to outperforming all of our competitors: and that is industry expertise. So, since the inception of OCR, we have surrounded ourselves with amazing people who are passionate about online gambling and who are great at what they are doing. Everyone working on the team has been involved in the iGaming industry for quite a while as well.

Today, we have a review and content staff with over twenty years of experience in the thriving Gaming sector. Our team of industry veterans researched, wrote, and evaluated every review you have access to here at OCR. In order to make sure you get the most accurate iGaming news and insights, we have also partnered with respectable auditors, guest posters, and other iGaming professionals who also form our amazing team.

What Do We Do Here at OCR?

To ensure that you can navigate the fast-paced, news-rich, and opportunity-rich online gambling business securely and sensibly, we focus on providing you with a reliable, single point of reference. Our comprehensive iGaming sites rating scheme, which evolved over the last twenty years to bring you the best possible insight into the value a gambling brand has to offer, is at the heart of our service.

We examine each gambling brand using our own twelve-point approach. This comprehensive method dives into the site's reputation, banking options customers have at their disposal, internet security, reputation for fair play, and much more in order to highlight the site's pros and cons in the best way possible.

Our online gambling experts monitor the internet for breaking news pieces, the most recent bonus rewards that truly deserve our readers’ attention, fantastic new game releases, brand merger updates, and the most recent gambling legislation changes which happen quite often across different iGaming markets. This material is condensed into bite-size news items, long-form guides, and other readily referenced media tidbits to help you to remain up to date on the newest events and emerging iGaming trends.

Our active player-centric forum has evolved into a vital resource for all of our beloved community members. As players exchange their experiences at various casino sites, discuss the latest news, and obtain ideas about where the business could go next based on what they see and hear locally, a strong sense of community has evolved.

We have been working in the iGaming industry for over two decades and we think that our combination of objective independently confirmed facts and subjective user-driven experiences provides you with the balanced information you need to make the best gaming decisions no matter your specific situation or you iGaming needs and preferences.

The Story of OnlineCasinoReports

OnlineCasinoReports was founded on a love of the developing online gambling business and a desire to keep players informed and up to date on the newest developments in this fast-paced iGaming sector.

What began as a hobby project in 1997, aiming at keeping casino aficionados up to date on the latest casino releases and best offers, bloomed into an awesome and comprehensive website in 2002, complete with helpful guides, honest brand reviews, and the most recent industry news and development.

Three years later after our huge break, it was the right time for a change and in 2005, we launched a modern-looking site that would appeal to more people. The focus of the new OCR website was to make it easier for everyone to access our online casinos related content and everything else. We included a bunch of new sections to allow easier navigation as well.

With the UIGEA's market reforms in 2006, the world of online gambling turned its focus from the United States to the rest of the world, and OnlineCasinoReports followed suit. By 2008, we had unveiled our new site design, which included advanced search tools and filters, a player forum, and localized content for different areas across the globe.

We were among the first sites to allow you to review an online casino by delving down into further aspects such as available languages, different forms of online casino bonuses and promotions, software suppliers partnered with, and many other crucial factors. This demand for specific regional knowledge drove our next major network expansion in 2014.

OnlineCasinoReports is a leading online gambling brand with seventy-five local gaming websites that provide thorough information about online casino bonuses and promotions, banking methods, comprehensive and unbiased iGaming brand reviews, game launches, and industry news particular to the area it serves.

When discussing our major milestones, we have to mention the year 2022 when we launched the latest addition to the OnlineCasinoReports network. This time, we have also made sure that all sections of our site are for usage on all major mobile devices. In addition, we have improved our search and filter capabilities so today, you can use our handy online casino comparison tool to compare up to five different casinos at the same time. Moreover, we have expanded the criteria of our existing search infrastructure to include brand names, different game genres, progressive jackpots, casino guides, and everything related to hunting down casino bonuses and promotions.

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