Airtel Money

Airtel Money is a payment service that can be used online or at shops. Popular in many countries, it's available to customers of the Airtel mobile network.

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Airtel Money is a popular payment solution in Uganda. Customers of the Airtel mobile network can sign up for the service which is the e-wallet of Airtel Payments Bank. 

How Airtel Money Works

Users recharge their accounts from an Airtel Payments Bank account and can use the funds at merchants who are signed up to the scheme. This can include shops, restaurants, utility companies, insurance companies and online businesses. Customers will also be able to withdraw cash at Airtel banking points, plus funds can be transferred to family and friends using the Airtel Money app. 

Fees are applied when using a credit card to top up an Airtel Money account, when withdrawing cash, or when making a bank to bank transfer. Other than these however, Airtel Money is free to use and there's no cost to the merchant, which encourages more shops and businesses to accept this payment option.

The Advantages Of Airtel Money

Payments made with Airtel Money are fast, secure and because it's a prepaid e-wallet, they are guaranteed to clear. It's easy for customers to keep track of their accounts via the app.

Some merchants offer special discounts when paying with Airtel Money and the latest offers are detailed on the company website. 

Airtel Money Online Casinos

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