ELK Studios Set to Launch "Oxygen": A Vibrant Underwater Adventure Slot on December 20th

OCR Editor. - November 16, 2023
Oxygen game will be released on December 20

Get ready to dive into "Oxygen," ELK Studios' upcoming slot release on December 20th. This underwater adventure offers a 6x7 grid with exciting multipliers, symbol transformations, wilds, and bonus games, promising a thrilling slot experience.

ELK Studios, known for its innovative approach in the online casino industry, is gearing up to release "Oxygen," an underwater-themed slot game, on December 20th. Set in the untouched ridge of Coral Creek, "Oxygen" immerses players in a vibrant environment where enhanced hybrids and volatile features abound.

Game Features and Mechanics

"Oxygen" is designed as a 6x7 slot game, bubbling with various features that enhance gameplay and increase winning potential. The game boasts a remarkable maximum potential of 25,000x the bet, promising substantial rewards for players.

Bonus Game and Super Bonus

The free drop bonus game is activated by landing three bonus symbols. Notably, all multipliers remain persistent throughout this bonus round. Combining three bonus symbols and at least one constant multiplier symbol also triggers the coveted Super Bonus game.

Oxygen Bubbles and Multipliers

A unique feature of "Oxygen" is doubling the multiplier value on each winning symbol position for every winning combination. This mechanic significantly amplifies the potential for more significant wins.

Oxygen Screenshot

Collector & Dealer Features

The game introduces the 'Collector' and 'Dealer' elements. The Collector gathers all visible multipliers, and the Dealer multiplies them in the direction of its radar. Both Collector and Dealer can be persistent, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay.

Upcoming Game Releases by ELK Studios

In addition to "Oxygen," ELK Studios has announced a lineup of upcoming game releases, including "Gladiatoro" on November 23rd, "Dam Beavers" on December 5th, and "Cygnus 4" on January 2nd. Each game showcases ELK's commitment to creativity and quality.

ELK Studios: Innovating the Online Casino Industry

Since 2013, ELK Studios has been a driving force in the online casino industry, known for its mobile-first content supplied through numerous licensed operators worldwide. The studio focuses on quality over quantity, combining exceptional mathematics with stunning artwork to create high-quality products.

Concept, Artwork, and Math Model

ELK Studios emphasizes the importance of an intense game concept, the foundation of their game development process. They invest in crisp art, including defined sound, fluid animations, and impressive graphics. The math model is central to defining each game, using statistical modeling and big data to refine and verify products, ensuring an engaging and balanced gaming experience.

ELK Studios' Latest Creation: "Oxygen" Slot Game

"Oxygen" represents ELK Studios' latest endeavor to provide an entertaining and rewarding slot experience. With its unique underwater theme, innovative features, and potential for high wins, "Oxygen" is poised to be a standout addition to ELK Studios' distinguished portfolio.

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