Mammoth Mayhem: Wizard Games' Icy Slot Adventure Awaits Players

OCR Editor. - October 15, 2023
Mammoth Mayhem Screenshot

Wizard Games unveils Mammoth Mayhem, a thrilling icy slot journey promising colossal wins and innovative gameplay features in its latest launch.

Journey into the heart of a breathtaking icy landscape with Mammoth Mayhem. The game, developed by Wizard Games, NeoGames S.A's subsidiary, presents a distinctive 3, 3, 3, 6, 6 reel layout. As players spin, they'll encounter various majestic animals – from cunning wolves and formidable bears to high-paying mammoths. There are 972 ways to win, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

This game release joins a recent game released, Carnival of Calacas

Dynamic Gameplay Features:

The action intensifies when players land three or more frost-laden symbols on the initial three reels. This sequence activates the Giant Respin, merging the reels and offering a grand chance for mammoth wins.

An innovative element introduced in this game is the collection of lava tokens. As players accumulate these tokens, they progress on the Frozen Treasures Trek map, an adventurous route filled with escalating cash prizes and the much sought-after Super Free Spins. The potential rewards amplify the farther one advances.

Super Free Spins introduces another twist. During this round, the reels transform into a 6, 6, 3, 3 3 arrangement. This dynamic change results in some revolutions merging while others mirror, enhancing the probability of securing a win.

Additionally, Mammoth Mayhem remembers the classics. Players can dive into a regular Free Spins round by collecting a minimum of three Scatters, commencing with eight free games, and possibly increasing their tally.

Wizard Games' Growing Portfolio:

Mammoth Mayhem is not just another game but a noteworthy addition to Wizard Games' already illustrious roster. The company, known for its creative genius, has previously delighted players with titles such as Sizzling Mystery and Carnival of Calacas. And the excitement doesn't end here - the calendar for 2023 promises further intriguing releases.

Benedict McDonagh, the helm at Wizard Games, shared his enthusiasm, "With Mammoth Mayhem, we invite players to an enthralling frozen realm. Its features and rewards resonate with its title - they're truly mammoth. Our Frozen Treasures Trek is set to entice players with its innovation and vast reward opportunities. We're eager to gauge player reactions."

Diving Deep into Wizard Games:

Housed under the NeoGames umbrella, Wizard Games has been at the forefront of curating compelling iGaming experiences for a global audience. Their ethos revolves around blending traditional gaming wisdom with avant-garde innovations. They offer a diversified gaming portfolio with over 150 titles that comply with regulations in numerous jurisdictions, including Europe, Latin America, the USA, and Canada. A unique selling point remains their gamification tools, tailor-made for player preferences and their clients' strategic goals.

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